Сценарий спектакля «Один день, который изменил жизнь»

Автор: Раевская Наталия Геннадьевна

Организация: ГБОУ Школа №843

Населенный пункт: г. Москва

Автор: Семина Ирина Юрьевна

Организация: ГБОУ Школа №843

Населенный пункт: г. Москва


Сценарий спектакля «Один день, который изменил жизнь», был разработан для конкурса театрализованных проектов на иностранных языках Stage Image (Сценический Образ) в рамках фестиваля «Театральный Олимп-2022», главной целью которого являлась активизация проактивного поведения обучающихся в иноязычной среде с использованием средств театральной и социокультурной педагогики.

Сценарий составлен на основе использования художественных особенностей театрального искусства Ирландии и культурного наследия ирландского народа.

Данная постановка использует яркие образы и сюжеты ирландской мифологии и традиции сценического искусства для отображения внешних и внутренних конфликтов в подростковой среде, которые являются актуальными в современном мире и показывают, что этические нормы и моральные качества не имеют временных и межкультурных границ.

Данный сценарий рассматривает решение таких актуальных вопросов как

1. Проблема взаимоотношений подростков и родителей.

2. Булинг. Отношения со сверстниками.

3. Внешность и самооценка.

4. Подмена жизненных ценностей (общечеловеческих)


  • происходит в ирландской деревне в начале 20го века. Главный герой- красивый, но бессердечный и жестокий мальчик Барлей (любимый сын). Он издевается над сверстниками, не уважает родителей, живет своими удовольствиями. За недостойные поступки он отправлен в параллельный мир с обезображенной внешностью, где обитают мифологические существа. Лепрекон, феи, русалки, великаны, боги проводят мальчика через испытания, благодаря которым он меняет свое отношение к окружающим и благополучно возвращается в свой мир.

В постановке использовалась ирландская музыка и народный ирландский танец.

Данный сценарий написан на английском и русском языках.




The Day That Has Changed The Life




Barley’s mother

Barley’s father


Barley’s friend

The girl with the harp (a fairy)

The girl with a doll






Irish girls


Scene I


Barley’s mother, Leprechaun, a baby (a doll), fairies


On the screen: a picture of an Irish hut. Silent music sounds

On the stage: a cradle

Barley’s mother is swinging her child in the cradle. Leprechaun is sitting nearby, mending a shoe and watching.


Barley’s mother: My son, my dear kid, you will be the happiest and the most handsome boy with beautiful white curls, coral lips and violet eyes. My honey, my pride, my love!


Music plays louder. Mother goes out, leaving the cradle.

Fairies take the stage and start dancing around the cradle.

Leprechaun comes to the baby and looks at him attentively.


Leprechaun: Happy? How is it possible to become happy here, among these greedy people?! There is never milk or bread on the doorstep of this house for me. There is no rum in the cellar. And besides his daddy has cut down all blackthorn bushes in my wood! I’ll never forgive it… Oh, yeah, you will be a handsome boy… but only your appearance will be beautiful. One day you’ll hurt those who love you most of all, and your internal ugliness will change your outer shell awfully! It’s your destiny, human cub!...


Leprechaun laughs, rugs his hands and runs away together with the fairies.


Scene II

Barley, Barley’s friend, the Girl with a doll, the girl-fair


On the screen: an Irish village.

On the stage: Children are running and playing. Barley is walking, kicking everything on his way, abusing other children. The girl is playing with a doll.


Barley: Hey, piggy-wiggy, do you hear me? Why do you have such huge ears?

Girl: Mine? (The girl touches her ears)

Barley: What are these? Rat’s tails?


The girl touches her pigtails and blushes.


Barley: What kind of monster are you holding?

Girl: The monster? (The girl cuddles her doll) This is my favourite doll. If you want, let's play together.

Barley: With you? Playing with such a miserable and ugly one? Do play somewhere else! Get away from me!

Barley leaves the girl and sees a boy from a neighbouring house playing with a ball.

Barley: And you, bow-legged, are going to play football with your thin legs. Dude, watch out! Otherwise you’ll break your legs and won’t be able to walk, you'll stay crippled forever. Why are you standing like a statue? Or am I wrong? Look at yourself! Are you able of doing anything well? Maybe you can shoot as accurately as I do? (Barley’s friend turns his head negatively) Or maybe you’re ready to run race with me? No? Will you jump off that high mountain? (The friend refuses) You can only mumble!

And you're no match for me! Tell me now, who am I?

Boy: You're the best!

Barley: Yes, I am! That’s why you have to do what I’ll tell you. There you see the cat, tear off its tail!

Boy: Barley, I can't, it's a living being.

Barley: Then take your ball and get out of here!


Barley goes further to the sound of the melody and sees a girl with a harp on the bench. The girl is sitting, absorbed in her thoughts, and does not pay any attention to Barley.


Barley: Who are you? I've never met you here before.


The girl does not respond to his question

Barley: What's your name? Where are you from? What are you playing? Hey, answer me! I can’t stand not being heard!

The girl raised her head and smiled.

Fairy girl: I know you. You are rude and cruel, you have no friends, you don't love anyone, your heart is so frozen that no one can melt it except yourself.

The girl gets up and leaves, leaving him alone.


Scene III

Barley’s mother, Barley’s father, Barley, Leprechaun

On the screen: an Irish hut.

On the stage: Leprechaun looks around rubbing his hands from time to time.

Mother: Son, why do you offend everyone? Why are you so cruel?

Barley: Leave me alone. All of them are freaks and fools!

Mother: And how do cats disturb you?

Barley: Leave me alone! I am tired of your notations.

Father: How are you talking with your mom?

Barley: What about her?!

Father: «What about her?!» Mother is the dearest to you. She has given the life to you. Who do you think you are? You give us only pain and sufferings.

Father comes to mother and hugs her.

Barley: You’ve made me bored so much! Living with you is unbearable! You do mess up all my life!

Mother: Honey, what are you talking about?

She grabs her heart and stretches out her hands to the son. Barley turns away.

Father: Barley, mum is feeling bad, bring her a glass of water, please.

Barley: I have no time to do it. She can do it by herself.

Father: It is true, that there’s no any mercy in your heart! No sympathy at all! You are cruel. Apologize to your mom and give a hug to her.

Barley (angrily looking at mother): It is better to hug a frog, not this old woman.

Barley turns away and leaves the stage. Mother leaves the stage in tears. The father follows her.


Scene IV

Leprechaun, Barley, Fairies, Fairy girl

On the screen: an Irish hut

On the stage: Leprechaun comes gloating.


Leprechaun: Well…And now, Barley, your reckoning hour has come. I’ll teach you a lesson.

At the same time dancing fairies come out with canvas symbolizing another world. Barley with changed appearance (ugly ears, ugly nose, horns) is hidden inside of canvas.

Fairies leave the stage with canvas. Barley stays on the stage.

Barley is confused, he looks around, sees Leprechaun, runs towards him and grabs his hand.


Barley: Who are you? Are you real or my dream?

Leprechaun: Sure, I’m real and let me go …right now!

Barley: Yeah… Leprechaun. This is a piece of luck. Then you’ll make my wish true and now you must give me my pot of gold.

Leprechaun: Do you want to become rich? Does the freak like you need gold?

The leprechaun pulls a mirror out of his pocket and shows it to Barley, who sees his reflection, snatches the mirror. He looks at his reflection with disgust.

Barley: Who’s this? How dare you mock me, you, ugly little gnome? Give me back my face now!

Leprechaun: Now you’ll live with such a face in my world. But you’ve caught me, and I’m obliged to do what you want. You’ll l get a pot of gold if you pass the trials while the shamrock is blooming.

On the screen there is a picture of a shamrock and a pot of gold.

The leprechaun points to the shamrock and the pot of gold.

Barley: But...

Before Barley finishes the sentence, Leprechaun disappears.

The leprechaun runs away from the stage. Barley, looking in the mirror, tries to get rid of his ugly ears and nose and mutters.

Barley: Why? Do I deserve it? Ugly Leprechaun!

On the screen there is a fairy with a harp and the sound of the harp.

On the stage the fairy girl comes to Barley, takes the boy by the hand.

Fairy girl: Barley, Barley! You still have a bright corner in your soul! Find it and you’ll save yourself and your beloved ones! They're in more danger than you, Barley! Go to the lake! Don't waste time! Remember about the blooming shamrock and listen to your heart!


Scene V

Kelpie, Fairy girl, Barley, Marrows, Barley`s parents


On the screen: a lake and Kelpie in the image of a horse.

On the stage: Kelpie (in the image of an old man) is sitting on the coast, Marrows are dancing.

The fairy girl takes Barley to the lake and leaves.


Kelpie: I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, a human cub.

Barley: Who are you and what do you want?

Kelpie and Marrows drag Barley into the lake.

On the other side of the curtain Marrows pull Barley`s parents who are entangled in seaweed.

Kelpie comes and leads Barley with him

Kelpie: You asked me what I wanted. I’m going to entangle you with poisonous seaweeds as I did it with your parents. Then I’ll have you for a breakfast!

Barley rushes to his parents and tries to rid them of seaweeds.

Kelpie laughs. Marrows bring seaweeds and Kelpie, weaving a net, leaves the stage.

The fairy girl appears.

Fairy girl: Barley, I know Kelpie`s weak point. This is his bridle. And anyone, who manages to grab it will have power over him. You can do it if you guess…


Who thinks of you and suffers,

And every day protects,

Who won’t betray, abandon or deceive,

And will extend a helping hand at any moment.

Who gives you care and affection,

Accept you as you are.

They are who need your LOVE!

Barley: Love… Care… Protect…May be… my Parents?


The fairy girl leaves the stage.

Kelpie with Marrows are on the stage. They’re hanging seaweeds, come to Barley, try to catch him. Barley quickly grabs Kelpie`s bridle.

Kelpie keeps still, Marrows rush

Barley: Now you are at my mercy! You’ll release my parents and lead us to the land. Then neither you nor Marrow will be hurt.

Kelpie: Okay, okay.

The Marrows release Barley`s parents and lead them to land. Barley’s ugly nose disappears.


Scene VI


Dagda, Barley, Barley’s parents, Barley’s friend, the girl with a doll, Fairy girl


On the stage: Dagda is playing the harp. There is Barley's friend and the girl with a dolI among some people. They are all suffering and crying.


Dagda: Look! What have you done?! Because of cruel words, insults and bullying your friend is dying now! For these people the magic harp ‘sings’ only despairing songs, it brings sorrow alone.

Barley: Wait, do I have a friend of mine?

Dagda: You will have one. Put him out of misery! You need to find the right words, so the magic harp can play happy, blissful sounds.


When parents hear the music, they start singing the melody. Barley hears it and sings along. The harp starts playing joyful sounds.


Barley’s Parents:

Overcoming obstacles, you realized the pain,

Your words like arrows wounded everyone.

Hope like the beautiful sounds of these strings,

Will replace the pain with good.

Happiness will find us and take our misfortune away.


Barley sings alone:

I pray for your forgiveness; I wish I had a chance.

I want to give support to you and never let you down.

Away, your tears, wipe, my friend. Away the pain will go.

The melody of harp will carry all misery I’ve brought.

Barley’s friend and Barley: Always be friend, my mate! I will also be yours.


During the song Barley’s friend, the girl with a doll and other people calm down. His friend stands up and comes to Barley, hugs him and sings along.


Barley’s disgusting horn disappears.


Dagda: Well done, Barley… (the fairy girl appears on the stage) I’ve always been assured by my daughter (points to the fairy girl) that Love exists at your heart. Now I’ve made sure of that. I let her right help you last obstacle to pass.


Dagda and other people leave the stage. The Parents, the friend, the fairy girl and Barley are on the stage.


Scene VII


Fachan, Barley, Barley’s parents, Barley’s friend, the girl with a doll, Fairy girl


On the screen: the fabulous mountains and the image of Fachan.

On the stage: Faсhan with a whip. It's getting dark. Everyone is close to each other.


Faсhan: Have you come for the leprechaun's gold? Are you looking for death? None of the human beings has left this world! I’m the master here! I’m the keeper of gold! The poison of my whip will kill anyone who gets close! (He flaps the whip) Well, will you try to beat me?


The girl begins to play the harp, singing:

Fairy Girl: Sleep, evil Fachan, sleep forever! Close your eye. Get rid of your rage! You won't do harm us!

Fachan falls asleep.

Fairies come out with a canvas symbolizing another world.

Barley's ears disappear.

Parents and the friend move into their own world (to the other side of the canvas). Leprechaun appears with a pot of gold and stands on the other side of the canvas next to Barley.

Leprechaun: I see you’ve passed the trials. Well, I didn't expect that from you. Here is your reward.


He gives him a pot of gold.

Barley takes the gold and is going to leave. He turns to his family.


Leprechaun: Where are you going? I didn't say you could return to your world. You can stay with gold only in this world.


Barley doubts, indecisively, looks around.

Fairy Girl: Barley, having passed the tests, you have deserved a magical shamrock. It will fulfill your only wish. You can stay here in this world rich but lonely. Or return to your world with your parents and friends and find your true self. Hurry, the shamrock is going to lose its power.

A girl holds out a shamrock to Barley... (silent scene)

Music sounds. Dancing Irish girls come out.

Irish dancers, parents, Friends and Barley dance.

Опубликовано: 01.07.2022